Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nikon DSLR Price check

Another feature that might be helpful to our readers now that we are using special-interest sub-feeds is Price Checks. Check the bottom of this post for a poll asking whether you like "price checks".

With prices going up or trending sideways, this is a good time to take a "snapshot" of the latest prices, if nothing else, for reference purposes. So here we go, we'll present the best 1-2 prices for each DSLR among the reputable retailers we track. Unless otherwise stated, free shipping is included, although for a camera like the D700, you may want to get it right away, instead of having it float in UPS or USPS space for days :)

Due to time constraints, we were not able to price-check every available Nikon-mount DSLR model.

Nikon D3 [reviews]
+ Body-only: $4200 at Amazon (sold and shipped by Amazon itself) and (with bonus 8gb Extreme III 30MB/s CF card), $4350+ at most other places

Nikon D90 [reviews]
+ Body Only: $890 at most places
+ with 18-105mm DX VR: $1135 with free 8gb SD card at, $1150 at most of the other places

Nikon D700 [reviews]
+ Body Only: $2350 at Amazon and (includes bonus 4gb CF card), $2400 at B&H, Adorama, Calumet
+ with 24-120 VR: $2852 at Amazon, $2875 at Adorama, $2900 at B&H and Calumet

Nikon D60 (regular edition) [reviews]
+ Body Only: $471 plus $9 shipping by Cameta on Amazon. Black Gold is cheaper (see below)
+ with 18-55 DX VR: $519 with free card at, $530 at B&H Photo and Adorama, around $540-$550 at most places
+ two-lens kit (18-55, 55-200, both DX VR): around $700 at most places including all that sell it at Amazon

Nikon D60 (Black Gold edition)
+ Body Only (Black Gold): $425 at Adorama, $430 with 2gb SD card at
+ with 18-55 DX VR (Black Gold): $530 at B&H Photo, Adorama, $540 to $550 at most other places

Nikon D40 [reviews]
+ with 18-55 DX (non-VR): $410 at Amazon, Calumet (plus S&H), B&H Photo, Adorama, etc
+ two lens kit (18-55 DX, 55-200 DX): $500 plus S&H at Calumet, up to $550 at most places
+ two lens kit (18-55 DX, 55-200 DX VR): $550 at B&H Photo, Calumet, etc
+ with 18-135 DX lens: $640 at Adorama
+ there are way too many kit combinations for this model

1. Prices are as of the time of writing and may change by the time you read this
2. With an extensive post like this, the possibility of typos increases. Please let us know if you notice any errors
3. Because everyone can sell at, we recommend only buying from Amazon itself and well-known 3rd party sellers (J&R, Adorama, Crutchfield, Vanns, OneCall, 17th Street, Norman, etc, etc). If you are not familiar with a 3rd party seller, be sure to research them in-depth, especially if the price is "great"
4. Some retailers also offer their own kits that include extra items and may be better bang for the buck if you need the extra items. However, if we take into consideration every single independent kit, this post would turn into a 20-page post that wouldn't be particular helpful to anyone except for hard-core number geeks :)


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