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174 posts from April 2009

April 30: Panasonic TZ7 aka ZS3 black now shipping at $402

April 30: Canon SD780 IS black shipped for $257

April 30: Sony Cybershot HX1 drops to $483.50

April 30: Samsung HZ10w down to $260

April 30: Fuji Z100fd brown delivered to you for $103

April 30: Cosina 19-35mm f3.5-4.5 MC AF for Canon (shipped for $89)

April 30: Zeikos ZE-TR26A 50-Inch Full Size Tripod for $12

April 30: Free ground shipping at Sony Style (until May 9)

April 30: 100pk Fuji DVD-R (16x, blank DVD discs) for $16 plus complicated shipping discount

April 30: Sony T700 red (okay, pinkish red) yours for $289

April 30: Daily deal round-up: Cambo Wide compact with 35mm and H-V for $4100

April 29: Nikon D90 body only shipping for $890 right now

April 29: MacMall deals of the week (MacPro, MacBook Pro, Air, and regular)

April 29: Now shipping: Canon 5DMk2 from B&H Photo ($2700, body only)

April 29: Four Luminous Landscape Video Journals for $10 each

April 29: Panasonic FX35 silver yours for $170

April 29: Photoshop Elements 6 for $50 (today only, Mac version only!)

April 29: Daily deal round up: small discounts, Seagate disk, PSE6 for Mac

April 28: Now shipping: Canon SX1is at $600

April 28: Panasonic LX3 in-stock (both colors, silver $430, black $500)

April 28: 22" Acer X223WBD widescreen display yours for $150 (no rebates)

April 28: Pentax Optio E60 delivered for $90 (includes case and Corel PSP 11)

April 28: $10 Domke rigid shell bag delivered to your door

April 28: Unfortunately no more Buydig.com deals on this blog

April 28: In-stock alert: Nikon D5000 for $850 to your door

April 28: Daily Deals: Calumet BackLite Reflector and OT friends

April 27: Reality hits Nikon D3X: Down to $7300 at Amazon

April 27: Brick and mortar: Clearance at Longs Drugs (YMMV)

April 27: Fuji S100fs shipped for $475

April 27: Double $100 deal: Nikon Coolpix P60 or pink Olympus Stylus 840 (YMMV)

April 27: Daily Deals: Nikon S220 down to $130, D60 with kit lens for $550

April 26: Mother's Day gift idea: pink Sony S980, bag and memory card for $150

April 26: No DSLR deals - instead two point and shoot specials

April 26: Refurbished Nikon P80 shipped for $200

April 26: (SOLD OUT) Canon Digital Rebel T1i in-stock and shipping for $900

April 26: (SOLD OUT) Hot Deal Now: Sony Cybershot W300 for $210

April 26: (ENDED) Some potentially good deals at Sears (discount ends at 3am Monday)

April 26: (ENDED) 12-hour sale at Sears.com: Save an extra 5% off

April 26: Daily Deals: 16gb Sandisk Ultra II for $35, 2gb MS Pro-HG Duo for $12

April 25: New top selling digital cameras

April 25: Last day for free 4gb card: Fuji F100fd for $145 after rebate

April 25: Olympus 1050SW black shipped for $157

April 25: Nikon F100 35mm film SLR shipped for $565

April 25: Daily deals: Profoto B2 1200, Lowepro Apex 110AW and more

April 25: Slik Monopod Lighty Pod III with Slik SBH 100 Ballhead shipped for $40

April 24: Casio EX-FC100 black shipped for $290 (weekend-only)

April 24: Olympus E420 body only as low as $305

April 24: Canada: Pentax K20D + grip for $1000CDN at Henry's

April 24: Panasonic LZ8K delivered to you for $100

April 24: Brand new Fuji E900 shipped for $175

April 24: Teaser: Casio EX-FC100 at $290 coming at 10pm eastern tonight

April 24: All apologies to Sony fans

April 24: Canon 1Ds Mark II: $6000 brand new, $3500 refurbished

April 24: Daily deal roundup: refurbished Flip Video Ultra for $80

April 23: Panasonic TZ5 blue or silver shipped for $220

April 23: In-stock alert: 5D Mark II at B&H Photo $2700

April 23: Silver Leica C-Lux 2 shipped for $300

April 23: Customer support pages for the Noisy blogs at Get Satisfaction

April 23: Panasonic FX500 (touch-screen) for $154 (silver model)

April 23: $2 shipping at Tigerdirect.com (orders over $100, weighs under 20lbs)

April 23: Most outrageous item of the day: Sony S650 for $9999

April 23: Panasonic FT1 TS1 (green) down to $380

April 23: Daily deals: Zylight Z50, Sony VG-C90AM, memory cards

April 22: Holga 120N Medium Format (fixed focus film camera) shipped for $28

April 22: (Now $263) Silver Panasonic FZ28 shipped for $243!

April 22: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for $60 (expires April 23)

April 22: Daily deals: UFO USB, Manfrotto 814 mini hydro arm, D90 refurb, etc

April 22: Solar charging for $50 (ends at 11am eastern)

April 21: Nikon D60 2-lens kit (18-55 DX VR, 55-200 DX non-VR) for $647

April 21: Six compact digital cameras under $110 at Buy.com

April 21: Casio EX-FC100 black drops to $306 (with free ship and 4gb SDHC card)

April 21: Affordable Olympus Stylus models

April 21: Panasonic G1 kit shipped for around $640 (black or red)

April 21: (in-stock again) Nikon D90 body only in-stock and shipping for $890

April 21: Daily deals: Discounts at J&R, Avid Liquid Pro 7 for $500, 4 AA + charger $17

April 20: Silver Panasonic FX55 shipped for $130

April 20: Refurbished Nikon D90 with 18-105 DX VR shipped for $1000

April 20: Nikon FM10 film SLR kit shipped for $300 (this is not a DSLR!)

April 20: Free Pantone Huey calibration with first 100 orders of CorelDraw X4

April 20: Now shipping: Panasonic TS1 FT1 for $400

April 20: Canon G10 eCost special removed due to horrible ResellerRatings rating

April 20: eCost specials removed due to horrible ResellerRatings.com rating

April 20: Deals of the day: A rather quiet Monday: book, storage, etc

April 19: Canon Speedlite 270EX for $160 in one to two months!

April 19: Camcorders: Refurbished Canon ZR950 for $154

April 19: $10 with free shipping at Adorama: Domke case or 4gb Lexar SDHC

April 19: Daily deals: Prat digital box, refurbished netbook, etc

April 18: Sigma DP1 drops to $450 (with free shipping)

April 18: Panasonic TZ5A (blue) yours shipped for $220

April 18: Daily deals: Samsung NV7, LG BluRay burner, refurbished Dell

April 17: Leica D-Lux 4 for $685 with free shipping

April 17: 30 free 4x6 prints with order of $25+ at Shutterfly (with coupon)

April 17: 20% off the Lenovo W700 Photographer's laptop (until April 21)

April 17: Panasonic LZ8K shipped for $100 now!

April 17: Adorama specials: Lumix FX500K, Nikon L100, memory cards, Delkin Fat Gecko

April 17: J&R World weekend specials: orange Casio EX-Z85 for $100, Sandisk Easystore

April 17: Pentax K20D body only continues at $670 (plus 10% off Sigma 100-300mm)

April 17: Temptation: Panasonic FZ28K at $264

April 17: Daily deals: Olympus Stylus 830 for $100 and friends

April 16: 5-pack of 2gb Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash or SD for $50 (no rebates!)

April 16: (SOLD OUT) Canon 5D Mk2 with 24-105L was in-stock at Amazon

April 16: Kodak Z980 IS superzoom mega-bundle shipped for $399

April 16: Silver Panasonic FX55 shipped for $130 (with bonus neoprene case)

April 16: Daily Deals: $4 battery tester shipped, Bestwell Magna-Sight for $20

April 15: Smallest discount ever? Casio EX-F1 down 47 cents!

April 15: Who is killing the independent stores?

April 15: Mother's Day gift idea: thrifty camera kit for $110

April 15: Olympus DSLR price drops: E420, E520, E30 and E3

April 15: Daily Deal Round-up: Hoya filters, Samsung S860, mouse

April 14: Fuji F100fd rebate extended until July: Yours for $147AR and free 4gb SDHC card

April 14: Panasonic TZ5 drops down to $220 (silver), $222 (blue)

April 14: Nikon D60 bundle by Cameta shipped for $566

April 14: Dolica tripod + monopod bundle on sale for $40

April 14: Daily deals: Calumet Travelite Digital, $150 refurbished netbook

April 13: Casio EX-FH20 down to $442 (with bonus 4gb SDHC and free ship)

April 13: Brown Canon A1000is shipped for $119

April 13: Most outrageous item of the day: Sony Mavica FD200 for $989

April 13: Nikon D3X embraces $7500 at Amazon

April 13: (SOLD OUT) Canon SD890is for $180 today only at NewEgg.com

April 13: Daily deals roundup: Universe book, refurbished webcam

April 13: Thanks to Serious Compacts!

April 12: Lightning round (thrifty edition): $13 monopod, $65 Samsung P&S

April 12: Canon 30D body only for around $635

April 12: Hard to find: Olympus E330 kit for $430

April 12: Nikon D200 drops to $600 at Best Buy again

April 12: Canada: 10% off discount across the board

April 12: Refurbished Canon A580 for $$80, Nikon S550 for $100

April 11: Samsung SL30 (black finish) yours for $90

April 11: DIGIPOWER TP-S022 Mini Tripod with Tilt Head for $6

April 11: Daily deal round-up: Dynalite RK500-1222, lens adapters for compacts, etc

April 10: Navigation Bar re-organization

April 10: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic FZ28K drops to $266

April 10: Deals of the day: filters, 500gb Maxtor, and Power2000 clones

April 9: Paintshop Pro X2 Ultimate for $70 full version ($50 upgrade)

April 9: Discounts among the top sellers at Amazon

April 9: 4gb Kingston SDHC card shipped for $9

April 9: (EXPIRED) I can has Foveon now for $400 (Sigma DP1, Thursday special)

April 9: Deals of the day

April 9: Free surge protector with purchase of HDTV or receiver

April 8: 4gb Kingston CF Elite Pro (133x) shipped for $14

April 8: 16gb Kingston Elite Pro Compact Flash for $33

April 8: 16" Lenovo D156 widescreen LCD shipped for $70 (1366x768)

April 8: Is the Circuit City website making a comeback?

April 8: Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA hard drive now $89 (was $80)

April 8: Panasonic FZ28 returns to $280

April 8: Samsung TL9 shipped for $168

April 7: I can has Leica for $299 (silver C-Lux 2)

April 7: Sigma 50mm f1.4 shipped for $449

April 7: Fuji S100fs shipped for $475

April 7: (SOLD OUT) 8gb Kingston SDHC Class 6 memory card shipped for $15

April 7: Daily deal round-up: Hoya filters, Flip for $60, E520 sells out, and more

April 7: Free 4gb Transcend memory card with select camera purchase at Amazon

April 6: Panasonic LZ8 yours for $105 (silver or black)

April 6: Great summer camera: Pentax W60 shipped for $190

April 6: (EXPIRED) Temptation: Samsung L74 wide for $140

April 6: Daily deal roundup: refurbished Canon ZR950, 4gb USB drive shipped for $8

April 5: (Now $485) Pentax K2000 with 18-55mm lens and AF200FG flash for $465!

April 5: New Samsung SL-series compacts discounted at J&R World

April 5: Daily deal round-up: Zoo photography book and HP paper

April 4: Olympus Stylus 1050SW blue (today only) for $160

April 4: Samsung TL9 and S860 on sale

April 3: Free 32"x20" world map with purchase over $65 at National Geographic

April 3: Daily deals round-up: Sony T70 with printer, J&R price cuts

April 3: Pentax starts new short-term instant rebate program (until April 11)

April 2: Ritz to close over 300 brick and mortar stores

April 2: Panasonic LZ8K (or LZ8s) yours for $105

April 2: Adorama specials: memory cards, accessories, and more

April 1: Nikon DSLR Price check

April 1: Free shipping at RadioShack.com with orders over $10

April 1: Save 15% off Epson consumer paper and media

April 1: Compact digital cameras lightning round

April 1: Sigma 28-70mm f2.8-4 DG (Canon, Nikon) for $125

April 1: Deals of the day: J&R World, eBay, antistatic cloth

April 1: New discounts among the top selling cameras

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