Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feedback time on individual feeds (DSLRs, etc)

We already made some infrastructure changes, and now it is time to start implementing the individual RSS feeds for brands and product categories.

Please note that these are going to be sub-sets of the main RSS feed. If you are subscribed to the main RSS feed, you will receive everything. The sub-feeds are for people who may only be interested in a particular brand or a particular type of product (eg DSLRs). Or perhaps want to receive DSLR updates on their iPhone and all the updates on their desktop RSS reader.

This is a good time to give us your feedback before we implement the first iteration of special-interest RSS feeds. So if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section or use this lovely contact form.

We are designing this with flexibility in mind, so we can come back later and add more options. For the first round, here are the category feeds we are planning to have:

DSLR Gear: This will include DSLRs, lenses, flashes, battery grips, and other major DSLR gear

Compacts: This will include fixed-lens digital cameras. We don't like to use the term "compacts" but it's simple and well-understood so we are using that for clarity purposes.

Canon DSLR Gear: Canon DSLRs, EOS-mount lenses, and compatible flashes and grips

Nikon DSLR Gear: Nikon-mount DSLRs and lenses, flashes and grips

Alpha DSLR Gear: Sony and Minolta DSLRs, lenses, etc

K-mount DSLR Gear: Pentax, Samsung, and other compatible DSLRs, lenses, etc

Four Thirds DSLR Gear: Olympus and Panasonic DSLRs, lenses, etc. This will include both 4/3rds and Micro 4/3rds initially

Exotic Gear: Leica, Zeiss, Contax, medium format, large format, rangefinders, etc

Any other major categories you would like sub-feeds for?
If there are any other major categories you would like to have a separate RSS feed for, please let us know.

For round #1 we are trying to keep these to a relatively small number, and depending how it goes, and if there is interest, and as the blog grows in readership, we will expand it further more.

All the feeds will be burnt through Feedburner, so we as to prevent RSS/Atom compatibility issues, track the feed, and also offer RSS-by-email subscriptions


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