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201 posts from February 2009

February 28: Pentax K20D body only shipped for $690

February 28: Camera Price Drops round-up

February 28: "Internet showroom" frustrations

February 28: Reader items on eBay: used Nikon SB800 flash

February 28: Daily Deal round-up (Saturday)

February 27: Weekend special: Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 shipped for $1730

February 27: 8gb Lexar SDHC shipped for $15

February 27: (OVER) Join the latte and biscotti netbook crowd with a $200 Dell Mini

February 27: $100 Olympus FE-series cameras

February 27: Nikon D3X for $7100 by Cameta Cameras

February 27: 5D Mark II kits in-stock for $2700 and $3500

February 27: Adobe UK special offers

February 26: DSLR temptations? New and Refurbished

February 26: Canon 5D Mk2 in-stock at Best Buy

February 26: Selling your gear on eBay? Let us know!

February 26: New top selling cameras (discounts marked)

February 26: Save 10% more off SonyStyle outlet cameras and camcorders

February 26: Reminder: Canon DSLR rebates end March 1st

February 26: Opinion on why Ritz brick and mortar chapter-eleven'ed

February 26: Daily Deal round-up (Thursday)

February 26: Nikon D200 returns to Best Buy for $600

February 26: (OVER) $100 price drop? Olympus Tough 8000 for under $300

February 25: (OVER) 8gb Kingston SDHC card shipped for $16

February 25: UK deal: Ricoh GX100 with EVF for 100 UK pounds

February 25: Full-frame for $1400: Reburbished Canon 5D (Mark I)

February 25: Canon SX110 IS black finish down to $190

February 25: Daily Deal round-up: Oly Stylus 850SW for $110 (!), 26" refurb LCD for $265

February 25: Olympus E620 kits available for pre-order

February 25: Free Sharpie pens and paper when you buy two HP toners

February 24: Black Samsung L100 shipped for $89

February 24: Refurbished Pentax K100D Super body only shipped for $310

February 24: Heads up from a Ritz store employee for current and potential customers

February 24: 4-hour laptop specials: Dell M1330, Inspiron 1525 and 1420

February 24: Sigma 18-50 f3.5-5.6 DC (Canon mount) shipped for $79

February 24: 8gb Lexar SDHC card for $15 plus $5 S&H

February 24: Clearance: Pentax *ist DL with 18-55 DA lens for $270

February 24: Affordable 3rd party Alpha flashes: Bower SFD926S and SFD296S

February 24: Now shipping: Amazon Kindle2 for $359

February 24: Ricoh CX1 available for pre-order at $380

February 24: Daily deal round-up (Tuesday)

February 24: Nikon prices going up in Japan on April 17

February 24: Refurbished Canon Digital Rebel XTi body only for $340

February 23: (SOLD OUT) Nikon D200 body only for $600 right now!

February 23: Canon Digital Rebel XSi with 18-55 EF-S IS lens for $630

February 23: (EXPIRED) Photoshop CS3 plus CS4-upgrade for $500 (Mac)

February 23: (EXPIRED) Fuji Z100fd shipped for $100 (+bonus 2gb SD card)

February 23: Ideas: Affordable pancake-alternative to Four Thirds

February 23: Peer-to-peer professional sharing service

February 23: Tax software now available for purchase via download

February 23: Pentax announces another K20D price cut

February 23: Ritz Camera files for Chapter 11 (updated)

February 23: Canon FS10 flash camcorder shipped for $350

February 22: Adobe Lightroom 2 down to $257

February 22: Timing the market?

February 22: DSLR Price snapshot (at BuyDig.com)

February 22: Pentax K20D body only down to $700 (with free shipping!)

February 22: Sea & Sea DX-1200HD underwater set for $600

February 22: Sigma DP1 for $460

February 22: White box Canon EF 55-200 f4.5-5.6 II for $150

February 22: Canon A580 for $80 plus shipping

February 22: Two free accessories of your choice with Flip Mino HD for $206 total

February 21: PreOrder page for the new cameras of 2009

February 21: (Price Jump) Panasonic FX35 silver with case shipped for $180

February 21: Promotion FAIL: New $100 mail-in rebate on the Olympus E30

February 20: New release: blue Olympus Stylus 7000 shipped for $288

February 20: New top selling cameras update with price-drop trail

February 20: Casio EX-Z80 and EX-Z9 for $107 (shipped) each

February 20: Sony W300 sold for $20 per megapixel

February 20: Canon SD790IS drops to $160

February 20: Nikon UK raises prices again

February 20: 2gb EyeFi card for $60 plus S&H

February 20: Deal of the day round-up: accessorize day

February 19: Coupon to save an extra 5% off P&S cameras at Dell

February 19: Request line!

February 19: Samsung NV24hd under $200

February 19: Adorama specials good until Friday!

February 19: Open box specials at OneCall.com

February 19: Deal of the day round-up: Calumet Travelite 1875ws 3-head portrait kit

February 18: Panasonic LZ6K shipped for $99

February 18: Latest Adobe special offers

February 18: Great prices: 4gb and 8gb Sony Walkman for $90 and $120

February 18: Make your own lens for $5!

February 18: Refurbished Panasonic TZ4K shipped for $170

February 18: Which Camera to buy - a series at Fotobiz

February 18: Olympus Stylus 830 w/camera case for $130

February 17: Silver Panasonic LX3 in-stock for $400

February 17: Good specials at Office Depot this week

February 17: Canon SD890IS shipped for $185 after coupon

February 17: Canon A590 IS shipped for $101

February 17: Hot pre-orders: Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 and MiniTT1

February 17: Deal follow-up: Sandisk pre-paid Visa card mail-in rebates

February 17: Casio Clearance sale at Ritz and Wolf online

February 17: Pentax Clearance items at Ritz and Wolf

February 17: Nikon Clearance Merchandise at Ritz/Wolf online

February 16: (SOLD OUT) Nikon P50, affordable AA-based wide-angle for $120

February 16: Love Purple cameras? And only want to pay $100?

February 16: Olympus SP-565uz down to $280

February 16: (EXPIRED) Adobe PSE 7 for $50AR (until 1pm EST)

February 16: Deal of the day roundup: Flash, Storage, Software

February 15: One day computer sale at Dell

February 15: Leica V-Lux 1 for $540 by Willougbhy's on Amazon

February 15: Pentax K2000 with lens and flash drops under $550

February 15: Canon G10 shipped for $400

February 15: Mamiya DL28 (645AFDIII, Sekor 80mm, 28mp Leaf back) for $15000

February 15: Advanced photographer starter kit: Nikon D80 and a bunch of stuff for $905

February 15: Olympus TOUGH 6000 shipped for $283

February 15: (SOLD OUT) SAPPHIRE 100272L Radeon HD 2400PRO with 512MB memory shipped for $23

February 15: Panasonic FZ18K superzoom drops to $220

February 15: Consumer alert: West Palm Beach Best Buy shoppers

February 14: (SOLD OUT) Canon 5DMk2 in-stock right now for $2700

February 14: Discounts among the top sellers at Amazon

February 14: Slightly older Panasonic for less (FZ18, LS75, FX3, and LZ2)

February 13: Corel PaintShopPro X2 Ultimate: $70 new, $50 upgrade

February 13: Hot superzoom deal: Kodak Z8612 shipped for $110

February 13: Olympus E410 with two lenses shipped for $388

February 13: Looking for a special Valentine's day gift?

February 13: Back at Amazon: Dolica 62-inch tripod with ballhead (model AX620B100) for $40

February 13: Pentax K20D body only drops to $713

February 13: Nikon Coolpix P50 shipped for $120

February 13: Black Sony T77 shipped for $200

February 12: Prices too good to be true? That's the definition of a RED FLAG!

February 12: (SOLD OUT) Both Canon 5D Mark II kits are sold out now

February 12: Valentine's specials for Sony fans!

February 12: (SOLD OUT) Silver Panasonic LX1 shipped for $130!

February 12: Is this blog template okay?

February 12: Deal of the day round-up: Panasonic FX55 for $130, Calumet Travelite 750

February 11: Sony T77 silver drops to $200

February 11: The compromise Digital Rebel kit for $500 (XTi 400D)

February 11: Kindle2 available for pre-order - shipping February 24

February 11: Panasonic TZ5 for $200 at Costco

February 11: 2-lens kits attack: Nikon D40 and Olympus E520

February 11: Deals of the day roundup (Wednesday)

February 10: 26" Westinghouse L2610NW-SP 1080p widescreen for $250

February 10: $100 ...monitor: 17" Gateway 16:9 LCD monitor (DVI, 8ms)

February 10: I can learn Olympus E510 for $5

February 10: (DEAD) Sigma DP1 drops to $470

February 10: Canon G9 for $490 fulfilled by Amazon (sold by Pavilion)

February 10: Save 10% off at the Epson Store (Valentine's special)

February 10: Opteka power kit for Digital Rebel XS and XSi

February 10: (OVER) Olympus E520 with lens for $500

February 10: Lowest price not always the best price

February 10: Buy two HP toners get a free 5-ream case of paper

February 10: Deal of the day round-up: Nikon Coolpix S200 and many more

February 10: Pre-order the Nikon 35mm f1.8G DX lens for $200

February 10: Thomas Hawk on the benefit of Mack Camera warranty

February 9: (EXPIRED) 1.5 TB Seagate FreeAgent shipped for $120 (today only)

February 9: Nikon D60 2-lens kit shipped for $684

February 9: Nikon Coolpix P60 for $120 at Office Max

February 9: Clearance (open box): silver Panasonic LZ7 shipped for $72

February 9: Valentine's day camera: Pink Sony W120 shipped for $100

February 9: (DEAL OVER) Price slide: Panasonic FX500 now $167

February 9: (EXPIRED) Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder (30 min) shipped for $60

February 8: Now shipping: Pentax Optio P70 for $185

February 8: Panasonic TZ50 wireless down to $320

February 8: Deal follow-up: (Free) Smugmug straps arriving!

February 8: Chance to win ThinkTank StreetWalker bag

February 8: Wii in-stock now at Amazon for $250

February 8: Dolica strikes back: Monopod shipped for $20.50

February 8: La Crosse Technology BC-900 shipped for $40 (AA/AAA charger kit)

February 8: Tiffen 52mm UV protection filter shipped for $7

February 7: Price drops among the top sellers

February 7: Nikon D80 2-lens kit shipped for $814 (both lenses DX VR)

February 7: Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline tripod and ball head for $40 + shipping

February 7: Now shipping: Black Olympus Tough Stylus 8000 for $400

February 7: Sony Cybershot H10 (fun-zoom) shipped for $200

February 7: Sony T77 (black) shipped for $204

February 7: Sony W150 silver shipped for $124

February 7: Pink Sony W120 shipped for $103 (Valentine's Gift?)

February 6: Weekend specials at J&R World include two $100 cameras

February 6: $100 digital camera: Kodak Easyshare Z885

February 6: Luminous Landscape used gear sale

February 6: Now shipping: Olympus FE5010 for $193

February 6: (SOLD OUT) Silver Panasonic LX2 for $230 (with free shipping!)

February 6: Panasonic LZ7 for $80 with free shipping (Friday only)

February 5: Nikon D40 kit prices: $410, $500 and $530

February 5: Canon 30D body only for $630

February 5: Price collapse: Panasonic FX500 down to $174

February 5: Spread the word!

February 5: Now shipping: silver Olympus Stylus Tough 8000

February 5: $100 digital camera: Casio EX-Z80 black (free shipping)

February 5: $100 digital camera: Sony Cybershot S780 (free shipping)

February 5: Preorder discount: Olympus Tough 6000 for $294 (blue)

February 5: Save 10% off Radio Shack (orders over $75) + free ship

February 5: Manfrotto 680B Monopod shipped for $53

February 5: Calumet Panoramic 120 2-6x17 100 Pack for $4 (daily deal)

February 4: Pentax USA announces new K-series discounts and promotions

February 4: Fuji S8100fd super-zoom for $232 after rebate

February 4: (EXPIRED) TaxCut Premium Federal (+ state + e-file) for $30 (today only)

February 4: Win an Olympus E30 kit at FourThirds User

February 3: Nikon SLR and compact clearance at Ritz/Wolf online

February 3: Casio Clearance Sale at Ritz/Wolf Camera (EX-Z850 for $69 and more!)

February 3: Canon Compacts clearance at Ritz/Wolf/CameraWorld

February 3: Canon SD1100-IS shipped for $150

February 3: 4gb Kingston microSDHC shipped for $7

February 3: Daily Deals: $1000 umbrella and $100 GPS

February 2: Nikon D700 with 24-120mm lens shipped for $2675

February 2: Save 5% off at Abt Electronics (not all items qualify)

February 2: Nikon 50mm f1.8 shipped for $110

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