Sunday, February 22, 2009

DSLR Price snapshot (at

Now that we have finally found some free time, it is time to take a snapshot of the latest DSLR prices so we can properly frame the state of the market-prices. For this snapshot, we are using as the data source.

Canon DSLR prices
+ Digital Rebel XTi (400D) body only (refurbished): $340
+ Digital Rebel XS (1000D) with kit lens: $529
+ Digital Rebel XSi (450D) body only: $650
+ Digital Rebel XSi (450D) with kit lens: $700
+ 40D body only: $900
+ 40D with EF 28-135 lens: $1035
+ 50D body only: $1200
+ 50D with EF 28-135 lens: $1450
+ 1D Mark III body only: $4000
+ 1Ds Mark III body only: $7000

Nikon DSLR prices
+ Nikon D80 with both DX VR kit lenses: $850
+ Nikon D300 body only: $1500
+ Nikon D700 body only: $2600
+ Nikon D700 with 24-120 lens: $2850
+ Nikon D3: $4350
+ Nikon D3X: $8000

Olympus DSLR prices
+ E420 body only: $369
+ E420 with 14-42 lens: $469
+ E420 with pancake lens (25mm f2.8): $525
+ E520 body only: $419
+ E520 with 14-42 lens: $550
+ E30 with 14-42 lens: $1300 after rebate
+ E3 body only: $1265
+ E3 with DZ 12-60 SWD and FL-50R flash: $1940

Panasonic M4/3rds prices
+ G1 with 14-45 kit lens (all colors): $670

Pentax DSLR prices
+ Pentax K200D body only: $519
+ Pentax K20D body only: $700
+ Pentax K20D with 16-45 DA lens: $1100

Sony DSLR prices
+ Fixed :(


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Seems 70% of the deal listings are for compact DCs. For anyone not buying a DC, e.g. a DSLR user they are not useful information. Would you consider creating a dedicated listing just for the DCs? Of course common accessories like storage can be cross-posted, too.

Thanks for the feedback! Part of what decides the listings is what the market offers. With DSLR prices going up the last few weeks, it was hard to find a DSLR "deal". But there have been some small DSLR discounts the last couple of days.

As far as having separate listings, that was something I was thinking about from the start, but it would add overhead, and overhead would mean fewer postings.

But once I convert this blog to an "advanced template" (after PMA 2009), there will be more flexibility, for example, I could create a separate RSS feed that only lists the DSLR/SLR specials. I could also take that feed and auto-post it on a static page for those who don't use feeds and are only interested in DSLRs/SLRs.

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